Ability to adapt in the community
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Definition specifically related to the community context
The ability to adapt reflects an individual’s capacity to accept, appreciate and integrate changes, quickly and positively. When exploring a situation, individuals who are able to adapt have learned to be open to various sources of inspiration and to experiment with new combinations of ideas, strategies or techniques. They can imagine multiple ways of thinking or doing, and adopt several perspectives and points of view.

They are able to juggle with an array of ideas, notions and formulas. They identify objectives and stakes related to a new situation and make room for multiple ways of dealing with it and to their intuitions, often through trial and error. They are able to picture different scenarios and to project their diverse implementation modalities, while accepting the risk of the unknown. They frequently transform limitations into resources in order to test different ways of doing things.

Individuals who are able to adapt are very aware of their personal resources and they enjoy drawing on them to fulfill tasks within collective projects that take place in their community. In this context, they adapt their behaviour to the requirements of a given situation, in terms of the personalities of individuals who are involved and the nature of tasks related to the group project.

People who develop this skill can adapt easily and continuously to 21st century communities, which are more and more culturally diversified, without compromising their own cultural identity.

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