Ability to communicate in the community
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Definition specifically related to the community context
Individuals who communicate effectively within their community express themselves clearly, structure their thoughts adequately, while adapting their language and their message according to whom they are addressing.

The ability to communicate also entails listening and ensuring that others understood correctly. This skill implies reacting accurately and appropriately while relating with other people or other groups. This skill also involves respecting the opinions of community members, even when they are different. People who communicate effectively:

  • Make sure their interlocutor really understood the message
  • Do not judge immediately what the interlocutor is saying; rather, they insist to obtain more information
  • Recognize situations where a person’s non-verbal behaviour (eye contact, body language) does not correspond to what is being expressed
  • Do not hesitate to speak up and share their opinion

In a community context, individuals who communicate easily consider their language as an essential tool for structuring and expressing their thoughts, and as a cultural vehicle. Good communicators use their language to interact effectively with other people and other groups in their community.

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