Ability to solve problems in the family
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Definition specifically related to the family context
Parents who have developed an ability to solve problems can perceive obstacles and difficulties that occur from day to day, and find solutions to such situations. They can easily:

  • Anticipate and recognize a problem
  • Share their perception of the challenging situation with family members
  • Initiate a problem-solving process
  • Contribute to finding a solution that is suitable for everyone
  • Take appropriate actions to solve the problem
  • Assess the effects of these actions on family members

A challenging situation can be perceived differently by each family member. Indeed, what may seem problematic to a parent may not seem so to the other parent or to a child. In addition, there are multiple ways to resolve a problem.

Sometimes, parents grasp a problematic situation more intuitively. They rely on their life experience and perceive a difficult situation, without necessarily understanding all of its dimensions from a cognitive standpoint. However, they proceed logically to determine causes and put forward a solution that is approved by others. Their decisions are based on common sense, intuition and reflection. Acting effectively while relying on intuition is frequently said to be the prerogative of high-level experts, which often defines people who are responsible for families!

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