Generic skills & work

Developping generic skills to increase employability

Skills related to personality are more than ever in demand by companies. The importance of these abilities is such that at the turn of the 2000s, the Conference Board of Canada defined a set of skills called “Employability Skills 2000+ ” as “the skills you need to enter, stay in, and progress in the world of work “, noting further that” they could be developed both at home and at school, at work and in the community. ”

Increasingly, employers recognize that generic skills among employees are almost as much important as technical or specific skills.

“The interviews also allowed us to identify some generic skills that are desirable and, regardless of the company’s business sector. It is the sense of responsibility, ability to connect with people, resourcefulness, ability to adapt and autonomy For companies dedicated to the production of goods, in addition to the above list, the following skills are important: teamwork, ability to carry out repetitive tasks and meticulousness . The service sector also attaches importance to the sense of organization ; and, ultimately, food service companies stress the importance of the ability to work under pressure. “*