Resourcefulness in the family

Definition specifically related to the family context

Resourceful parents know how to find or imagine practical solutions to resolve an immediate problem, by using their ingenuity, finding tips and improvising with whatever means available. Resourceful parents find the information and help when they need it, sometimes from unexpected sources. They are able to turn some constraints into opportunities. In that sense, they know how to tap into neighbourhood or community resources, such as educational and community programs.

Parents who are resourceful can act independently, perform tasks in multiple ways, create games or carry out projects, by using what they have at hand, sometimes with limited resources! They quickly understand circumstances, draw on various sources of inspiration and experiment new combinations of ideas, strategies or techniques to enhance the family situation.

They can think out of the box to find solutions or new ways of doing things, outside of conventional paths. Resourceful parents do not fear change and can deal with uncertainty.

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