Self-confidence at work
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Definition specifically related to the work context

Self-confident workers know how to deal with people. They manage problems and situations honestly and ethically. They like to share ideas with colleagues, to receive feedback and they do not see criticism about projects they are involved in as personal attacks. Conversely, they can articulate their point of view when they disagree with someone.
Workers who are confident in their skills and have good self-knowledge are able to recognize tasks that match their abilities and to question what may hinder their ability to act.

They readily ask for help when they believe a task exceeds their abilities, without having doubts about their competency. They have learned to trust themselves and take risks to cope with challenges. They find it easy to make decisions.

These individuals recognize that efforts they need to invest in achieving their goals bring them satisfaction and they are proud to show their work to others. They are sufficiently confident to work in uncertain situations. They have growing appreciation for the quality of their work and learnings, as well as for efforts put in by other people. The development of self-assessment abilities helps these individuals to measure their progress and determine improvements that are still required. These workers understand the importance of fulfilling their potential and recognize their own power to do so, which in turn allows them to become more autonomous.

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