Self-confidence in the family
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Definition specifically related to the family context

Self-confidence relates to having good knowledge of one’s own strengths and weaknesses as a parent, and recognizing one’s full potential by referring to this sense of internal security. Among other things, this means that self-confident parents know their own value, even though they are not constantly praised.

They rely on their skills to make appropriate choices. It could be said that they are “comfortable in their own skin”.
As self-confident parents, they are able to gage the quality and relevance of their actions. Therefore, they recognize and assess consequences of their actions on family members.

They can also express their opinions and assert their choices while respecting others. In that sense, they are aware of their influence on family members; they are sensitive to the impact of their own behaviour and attitudes on them. They feel responsible for their actions and their effects, and can explain reasons for their actions or comments.

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