Sense of responsabilities at work
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Definition specifically related to the work context
In the workplace, the sense of responsibility reflects the ability of individuals to be aware of their obligations and who fulfill their tasks, accepting responsibility for their own actions and decisions. These individuals are trustworthy and know how to meet deadlines, expectations, priorities and objectives that are established. They are punctual and assume the results of their work, including any mistakes they may have made. They are willing to work individually and regularly check the quality of their work. They accept new learning challenges and take responsibility for improving their knowledge.

Workers who show a sense of responsibility are committed to their tasks and do not rely solely on others. They adopt an ethical and honest approach in terms of activities, resources and other people in the workplace. In that sense, they are able to accept responsibility for their mistakes and take action to avoid repeating these errors. They know how to communicate openly about difficulties or obstacles they may have encountered. They develop a culture of trust toward their colleagues.

Responsible workers can make decisions that are profitable for the organization, while maintaining a sound balance between their work and personal life. Responsible employees care about the employer’s well-being as much as their own. In doing so, they gain their employer’s and colleagues’ trust and respect.

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