Team spirit at work
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Definition specifically related to the work context

Workers who demonstrate team spirit can collaborate with others to fulfill collective tasks. Thus, they are able to determine tasks that can be accomplished more efficiently through cooperation. Among other factors, teamwork relies on the will to collaborate with colleagues or other people involved in a common project, to be part of a team and to work together.

Individuals who demonstrate team spirit are concerned with the task at hand, as well as interpersonal relationships. They draw on team members’ skills, ideas and points of view, while freely sharing their own experiences and knowledge when they can contribute to meeting team objectives. They support and encourage team members’ contribution and they show them respect by talking about them positively.

These workers know how to give and receive feedback constructively while respecting others. This implies that they understand and respect each person’s role and contribution. They welcome and support ideas from other team members and value diverse points of view. Efficient teamwork relies on respectful professional relationships among colleagues. Thus, the team will fulfill common tasks and achieve collective results, even though all members may not feel compatible in terms of personality.

New technologies greatly impact work organization, more and more workers having to collaborate virtually. Digital technologies allow collaboration without physical proximity. This phenomenon raises the importance of developing team spirit to ensure full participation, commitment and motivation among virtual groups, which are growing in numbers.

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