Ability to learn from one’s experiences at work
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Definition specifically related to the work context
In a workplace setting, the ability to learn from one’s experiences consists in knowing and recognizing one’s own strengths and needs in order to foster personal and professional development. It implies that individuals reflect on their actions to better understand them and improve their performance and contribution to a workplace. To this end, learning workers are open to evolution in their workplace and take appropriate measures to continually improve their practices.

Among workers, this ability translates into a will and desire to actively search for learning opportunities in the workplace. In doing so, they expand and enhance their abilities and fields of expertise throughout their professional lives. These workers always try to gain more knowledge, for instance by seeking to grasp how a given method should be applied and why it should be done in a particular way.

They ask questions to make sure they understand exactly the needs of a client or colleague, and use detailed information they have uncovered in their field of expertise. They personally examine problems to understand what went wrong, and get to the bottom of things to resolve these problems. They are also aware of progress made with regard to given industries, competitors, products, etc.

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