Ability to learn from one’s experiences in the community
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Definition specifically related to the community context
In community life, the ability to learn from one’s experiences allows people to identify and use learning sources and opportunities in the community. As a result, they draw lessons from their various life experiences and adapt them to new situations.

In addition, this skill allows individuals to diversify their areas of interest and to develop their curiosity, for themselves and for the benefit of others and the community.

Individuals who learn from their experiences are aware of their personal characteristics, their sense of belonging to the community and the influence others have on their behaviours, attitudes and values. This skill allows individuals to be both inspired by their own experiences, and able to distance themselves from these experiences.

These individuals assert their own choices, express themselves and demonstrate their skills without fear of being judged by others. They accept feedback and constructive criticism from community members. They are also more comfortable in demonstrating and sharing with community members what they have learned from their past experiences and what they are learning from their current experiences.

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