Ability to solve problems in the community
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Definition specifically related to the community context
First and foremost, the ability to solve problems relies on the capacity to identify significant elements of a problematic situation in the community.

People who demonstrate this skill can easily define a problem, inventory possible solutions and evaluate them with their peers, taking into account resources that are available to solve the problem. They identify similarities with comparable situations that previously occurred in the community and were resolved.

Furthermore, individuals who are able to solve problems generate, inventory and test possible solutions. Then, they examine the relevance of each solution and choose the one that seems most appropriate for everyone. In a community, these individuals put into practice and assess the efficiency of the selected solution.

At the evaluation phase, along with their group, they review each of the steps taken to solve the problem. They ask questions to gain a better understanding, re-examine some of the steps when needed, highlight successful aspects and analyze difficulties encountered along the way.

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