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Definition taken from Nos compétences fortes

Resourcefulness reflects the ingenuity of individuals who find practical solutions to problems that occurred in action.

This skill refers to the qualities of an individual who knows how to muddle through easily. We will say that this individual is skillful, deft or clever. In common language, resourcefulness is synonymous with ingenuity. This is why it is associated with an individual’s inventing capacity.

However, resourcefulness differs from creativity in that it is generally subject to the imperatives of a context requiring a short-term response: solve the problem (or accept to be caught off guard). As such, a resourceful individual is able to “get off the hook” and does so primarily out of necessity.

Resourceful individuals will thus be able to invent things or imagine solutions that meet the requirements of unexpected situations. To do this, they will use resources available in their immediate environment. They will find by themselves the means for achieving their project.

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