Team spirit in the community
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Definition specifically related to the community context

In a community context, individuals who show team spirit are able to connect with others in order to achieve a common goal of collaboration, while emphasizing group success. They perceive situations that are conducive to cooperation through teamwork, and can assess the related challenges or issues.

Within a group, they assert themselves while taking others into account. They understand their role in the context of a joint project. They recognize, determine and accept their responsibilities in a collective task. They contribute positively. They can clearly express their points of view and their reactions, while welcoming those of others. They ask for advice so all opinions are taken into account in achieving shared objectives. They shoulder their part of the work that needs to be done.

They recognize behaviours and strategies that foster teamwork and the establishment of harmonious interpersonal relationships. They are tolerant, flexible and open-minded when interacting in various group situations, accept other people with their distinct characteristics and acknowledge the expertise they have that may be useful to the group.

Individuals who demonstrate sound team spirit recognize that the group is an entity. In that sense, they are aware of group dynamics. They participate in achieving collective projects, comply with team functioning modalities and group rules. They cooperate with group members, in formal or informal situations. They meet group expectations by getting actively engaged and complying with deadlines. They know how to leverage cooperative work and appreciate its benefits for themselves and for others.

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